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Srikrishna College, Bagula is pioneering landmark of higher education not only for Bagula but for entire adjacent area. Since its inception it has been guiding aspiring students not only to their goals of achieving higher degree in career but also giving them a pragmatic view in understanding impactful values of higher education in their life.

In this decorative history of the college Chemistry department came into existence in 1995 though Honours course started from 2014-2015 session, Dr. Sankar Prasad Dey was the founding faculty member of the department.

Since then it has been frontrunner in increasing the scientific temperament of the students of this college. It all started with few rooms in year 1996, but now this department boast its own building floor dedicated for the chemistry students.

Scientific experiments & laboratory set up is an inevitable part of chemistry, keeping up with the needs the full-fledged laboratory was set up in 2018. It was inaugurated by Dr. Sankar Prasad Dey. Total four laboratories, one each for organic, inorganic and physical chemistry and one is balance room.

In the year 2014 the department had undertaken a UGC-funded project.

The department also publishes its own magazine, Chem World which gives a platform for the students to exhibit their experiences, achievements with respect to various scientific & research work carried out by them. It also has one informal section where in students can also share their thoughts, creative ideas, self-composed poems etc. on current affairs.

Time to time departments also organizes various national & international seminars, workshop which attract many students/scholars from premier institutes of West Bengal and other national colleges.

Faculty Members:

Sl no. Name Designation Degree
1 Dr. Paramita Hajra Assistant Professor (HOD) M.Sc., Ph.D.
2 Dr. Nabadyuti Barman Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D.
3 Avishek Saha Assistant Professor M.Sc.
4 Dr. Mrinal Kanti Ghosh SACT M.Sc., Ph.D.
5 Habibur Shaikh SACT M.Sc.
6 Soutik Ghosh Majumder SACT M.Sc.

Courses Offered: B.Sc. (Hons) and B.Sc. (General)(CBCS-under University of Kalayani) Contact Department:

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