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The Department of Mathematics was established in the session 1962-63. Since then, the mission of the department is to provide an environment where students can learn and grow using the component of mathematics and mathematical application. Moreover, the department will contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive global citizens.

At present the department conducts the following courses:

The goal of these courses is to equip all of our students with the conceptual understanding, computational skills, and persistent disposition required to use quantitative reasoning and analysis effectively in their personal and professional lives. For mathematics honours students, we aim to provide stimulating mathematical experiences that will bolster their future careers, whether that be the application of mathematics in practical contexts or contributions to the mathematical profession through teaching, productive scholarship and active participation in professional organizations.

We also aim to promote and sustain:

In fulfilling this mission, the department creates an environment where the faculty can continue to grow as teachers and scholars, while providing public and professional service. We want to emerge Department of Mathematics as a national center of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research.


The Department of Mathematics offers a broad and challenging academic program that supports the mission of Srikrishna College. We aim to provide high-quality education to our students so that they can be self-reliant. We want to


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