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The Department of Political Science was established in the year of 1959-1960 with general stream, after ten years of inception of college.The honours course was introduced in 1984-85 session in the Department. The department has made remarkable progress in teaching, learning and extension work. In this many faculty members and department heads have worked to make the political science department more capable and developed in their own way. More and more knowledge has been imparted to the students of the department through various programme, national and international seminars, and workshops. Right now the department has three (03) full time Teachers and three (03) State Aided College Teachers (SACT).

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning: In addition to the traditional chalk and talk method classes, virtual classes, special interactive classes by applying group discussion, question-answer, demonstration method are arranged to encourage the students and thereby improve their learning. In-house discussion, debate, seminars frequently organized by the department help the students acquire knowledge, skill and self-confidence. Special classes are held during the study leave of the students with special attention paid to slow learners. The hidden creativity of the students is manifested through the publication of Wall Magazines named “Anuchintan” in the department. Classes are taken through the use of technology by means of Slide Show Presentation etc. Interests and inquisitiveness are grown among the learner by discussing and showing motivating works.

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities: Students are encouraged to take part in various social and NSS activities. Debate, ex-tempore, youth parliament preparations are held to promote the sense of political culture and to inculcate the democratic values among the students.

Students oriented:

Students get admitted in the department not only from locality or surrounding area but also come fromvariousdistricts. The department basically teaches the students in Bengali medium but also helps and encourages those who want and pursue to study through English medium. Presently students are taught through the new CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) syllabus or semester based system. The department helps the Students not only academically but also career counselling or service oriented and job prospects preparations. Currently the department has 72(Seventy Two) sanctioned seats. Students’ attendance is very much important as part of present marks award percentage. Besides theoretical classes projects, internal assessment, viva voce, interview, and other evaluative measures are taken by the department. The department conducts an “Orientation Programme” at the very beginning of new semester for newly enrolled students. The department is always ready to help the students in any respects as far as possible and try its best to maintain a friendly environment of learning .

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