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Political science is concerned with how societies are organized and governed, with how competing ideas about what is best for a society are articulated and resolved, and how decisions in one part of the world effect the other parts. Political science provides an opportunity not just to understand how societies actually work, but also some idea of how to make them better.

Political science help student to develop an understanding of political processes and institutions and to introduce them to the issues and problems that politics attempts to manage.

Career in law, government-service, journalism, teaching, politics, and public administration are directly related to training in political science. Simultaneously political science emphasises an approach on studying politics that provides anyone with the skill and knowledge to be an informed, active citizen or political participant.

Above all, any student of political science would be gained from learning about government and politics. Every one of them will be called on to vote periodically and help to make vital choices about who should govern their city, province and country.

Outcome of CBCS Curriculum for three years under-graduate course in political science

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