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' संस्कृतमेव हि भारतम्।' Sanskrit language and Sastra are the lives of our country India. In the study of Sanskrit language among the whole world, the contribution of Nadia district is immeasurable. Nabadip , located in Nadia, is the major centre for the study of ' Navyanayasastra' . By following the methods of learning Sanskrit, people of Bengal take pride of themselves in all over India. But due to the negligence of Sanskrit language by the people in 21st century, the study of Sanskrit language has decreased drastically; although Nadia district, the birthplace of Lord Sri Chaitanya, is still respectful to the study of this resourceful language.

In the year 2012, at Bagula of this district, Department of Sanskrit was established in order to feed the hunger of knowledge and with the intense ambition of the people. During the first period of establishment, only pass course was available but the approval of Honours course in 2015 was definitely a huge addition to the study of Sanskrit. During the first period of the approval of the department, Sri Ashish Biswas ( July 1 ,2012 - April 10,2016) and Smt. Rubi Rana ( June 13,2016- January 10,2017), Madhuri Ghosh (Nov, 2016 - Nov,2017) were recruited as Guest Lecturer. Their hard work and effort resulted in the overall development of the department. Even though joining(14/11/2019) lately as a full time Assistant Professor Mr. Rajib Sinha, has devoted himself in the overall development of the department. He has already glorified the department by winning “Young Researcher Award-2020” from Bangalore and SAT ICON AWARD -2021 from Hyderabad. Being recruited as a SACT in the department, Sudeshna Roy ( since November,2016) and Manjusa Chakraborty ( since August,2017) , Amit Mandal, Riya Biswas and Manju Ghosh ( since August,2017) have been working hard for the overall development of the department infrastructure and Departmental studies.

The Department has organized a number of Seminars, Conference, Workshop as well as Special lectures by eminent scholars of various Universities. Sanskrit Day and Raksha Bandhan divas are celebrated in this Department of Sanskrit. Besides, students organise Teachers Day, Fresher’s Welcome, and Farewell etc. The wall magazine ' ह्रादिका' and 'तरङ्गिणी' magazine have been published since 2020 by the department.

In this way, with the joint effort of departmental students, Faculty members, College Managing Committee and inspiration from our Principal Sir , our department is on the right track of successive progression.

Future Plan for the improvement of the Sanskrit Department:

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