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College Facilities

The College Building

The college has three separate and self-sufficient buildings. Each building is provided with well illuminated, spacious class-rooms, teachers’ room and toilets.


  1. The college library presently has more than 28,000 books. These include text books and rare costly reference books and up-dated information books.
  2. The college subscribes to journals, newspapers and periodicals.
  3. The college library remains open to all college staff and students 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  4. Reading: Students are allowed to use reading room for reading purposes on submission of their reading cards.
  5. Borrowing: Each student is provided with a lending Card for borrowing books. Books can be borrowed for a period of 7 days.
  6. Disregard of library rules, indiscipline and misbehavior will render students liable to be denied access to the library.
  7. The college has also departmental libraries to cater to the needs of students of respective departmental students. All Honours students may access this library at any time subject to prior permission. In some cases they may even borrow books from the library after their final test examinations.
  8. The students may consult the library book manuals for respective departmental books and check which books are there for use.
  9. Future plans: (i) The college has already made computer catalogues for all the books in the library for students’ ready-use. (ii) The college plans to install computers in the library so that a student may trace the status of a book weather that is available in the library or borrowed by someone else, how many copies of that book the library has etc. by a click of the mouse.

Identity Card:

After admission a student is required to get an Identity card signed by the Principal of the college, containing information about the student concerned. This card is a proof of his/her status as a student of Srikrishna College. This may help students in many unwanted situations even outside college campus.

The Three Pillars

  1. Teaching Faculty: Along with the substantive facilities there are a large number of eligible candidates according to norms laid down by the UGC as part-time/guest teachers to meet the exigencies of academic standard and adequacy of teaching hours. Majority of the teachers are associated with research activities. They are also associated with syllabus framing, module formation, examination works etc. as UG Board members, Court and Council Members of Kalyani University.
  2. Non-Teaching Faculty: Members of the non-teaching staff serve the students with meticulous care and devotion. Complete credentials and information of a college student are stored in computer packages.
  3. The Students: Against the present day scenario, Srikrishna College students are exceptionally good in all aspects like learning aptitude, behavior, class attendance, dress code etc. Students’ Union is always there to serve the distressed students in need. Students’ Union generally does not interfere with the college day-to-day affairs except when they are compelled to. Our college is one of the very few colleges where one will find no poster, walling or festoon inside the college campus. The whole credit goes to the students. Ragging is strictly abstained from our students.


College provides well-equipped laboratories for the different lab-based departments: Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Mathematics and Computer Science. Laboratory rooms are large enough for air circulation, proper illumination and students’ free movement. For all the subjects’ different laboratory rooms are used for different kinds of experiments. Some laboratories have computer facilities too. Besides routine classes, special practical classes are arranged for final practices, especially before the final university examinations. Laboratory attendants are always here to look after the needs of the students.


The college office is fully computerized. The Account department is also computerized and takes care of Students’ Fee Collection, Daily Accounts, Maintaining Cash Book etc. They are handled by the accounting package programme Tally (7.2). The college office is now well equipped to render smooth and efficient services to more than three thousand students. Any student may get all his/her up-dated information by a click of the mouse button.

Academic Calendar

An academic calendar, stating dates of important academic events such as college examinations, final test, class tests, list of holidays are distributed to the students so that they can plan their future activities well in advance. Some departments split up the entire syllabus in different modules and inform the students accordingly.

Seminar Hall

The college has a large seminar hall with a 30+ seating capacity and equipped with all modern amenities. The seminar hall facilitates the students & teachers to hold seminars and other group activities without disruption of normal classes.

Grievance Redressal Cell

The college has a Grievance Redressal Cell to address the grievances and suggestions of the students, staff and guardians. Complaint and suggestion boxes are placed at strategic points for this purpose.

Common Room

There are separate common rooms for male and female students for their use during leisure periods.



College Magazine

Te college magazine is published annually by the students’ union with the help of the entrusted teacher. Some departments also publish wall magazines regularly.

Other Class-Teaching Tools

The college also provides various audio-visual aids like OHP, class-room amplifiers etc. to the faculties for presentations during classes, seminars, debates and other extra-curricular activities.

Scholarship & Stipend

  1. Teachers’ Council provides stipends t the poor and meritorious students.
  2. The Govt. of West Bengal also awards scholarships to students belonging to SC, ST and OBC categories.
  3. Students’ union also helps students in financial distress.


  1. Medals are given to students who secure highest marks among the college students in the University final examination in respective honours subjects.
  2. Award is given to Students who perform well in different cultural programmes. The college appeals all to contribute to start scholarships for the students of the college in memory of some of their lovable ones.


The auditorium is used for organizing various college functions including Seminars, Workshops, Meetings, Cultural programs etc.


There is a hostel behind the college. Hostel accommodation with all the required amenities such as running water, uninterrupted power supply, sanitation etc. has been provided.

Annual Functions

Annual Functions like Bhasadibas, Basonto Utsab, Departmental Reunion etc. are organized on a regular basis. Annual social function is celebrated usually during the winter season each year.


Seminars/Exhibitions are arranged by the college and also by different departments of the college on regular basis.

Cultural Heritage

The college has a long cultural heritage from its very foundation day. All the Honours departments organize annual departmental reunions including past and present students. In these functions, all the interested students may exhibit his/her cultural skills.

Alumni Association

Many of our former students well established in their social lives. They are engaged in different occupations such as practicing law, teaching, research activity, service sector, Bank Service, Journalism, Business, etc. They have established an Alumni Association to help the college in need.

Students' Union

The college has a representative Students' Union which manages the co curricular activities of the college, viz. cultural competition, sports, social functions, college magazine, etc. Each year they arrange a blood donation camp.

College Results

The college is one of the oldest and leading colleges affiliated to the University of Kalyani. University examination results of the college have been always quite satisfactory recording toppers in several subjects over the years.

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