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Examination System under CBCS Curriculum

Internal Assessment

It carries 20% of the Full marks

It comprises of Percentage of Attendance and Internal Examination of each course.

1. Attendance:

  • Course-wise, Paper-wise attendance of each subject will be recorded by respective Dept.
  • The attendance will be calculated from the date of admission or date of commencement of classes, whichever is later till the time of Enrollment for Examination of a particular semester
  • To determine the eligibility of a Candidate for appearing in a particular semester, the calculation of percentage of Attendance is to be done considering all Courses/papers of all subjects together:
% of Attendance Marks to be Awarded
Less than 50% 0
50% to 60% 2
60% to 75% 3
75% to 90% 4
Above 90% 5

2. Internal Examination: Course-wise, Paper-wise (10 marks):

  • Will be held in the 3rd -4th week of November for Odd Semesters & in the 3rd -4th week of May forEven Semesters.
  • Will be conducted by the respective Dept

Theoretical Examination

Will be held in tentatively 2nd week of Dec/ June for Odd/Even Semester

Project Work will be held in tentatively 4th Week of May

Project Marks will be submitted within 30th June

AECC Examination will be held with other theory papers

Practical/Tutorial of 2/3 courses of a Subject in a particular semester may be Clubbed

First name Surname Date of birth
Theoretical Papers (other than AECC)
100/50 4/2 Hours
65-80 3 Hours
Practical Papers/Tutorials
Up to 30 3 Hours Max.
Above 30 5 Hours Max.
AECC-1 (Com. Eng./MIL) 50 2 Hours
AECC-2 (ENVS) Theoretical Paper 50 2 Hours
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