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Recent Announcements/Circulars
Sl.No. Date Title Download
102 Oct 2021Notice for Covid-19 VaccinationDownload
201 Oct 2021Notice for Admission CommitteeDownload
301 Oct 2021Vaccination NoticeDownload
429 Sep 2021Notice for Covid-19 Vaccination CampDownload
528 Sep 2021Notice for Document VerificationDownload
625 Sep 2021Notice for Admission CommitteeDownload
721 Sep 2021Admission related noticeDownload
820 Sep 2021Webinar on Nari Swadhinota LinkDownload
920 Sep 2021Webinar on Nari Swadhinota BrocureDownload
1019 Sep 20212nd Semester Exam noticeDownload
1116 Sep 20212nd semester Internal assessment( 2021) of the department of Environmental Studies.Download
1216 Sep 2021National Webinar, Dept. of EducationDownload
1316 Sep 20212nd Semester Examination noticeDownload
1411 Sep 2021U.G. Part-II examination schedule,2021Download
1511 Sep 2021U.G. Part-I examination schedule,2021Download
1608 Sep 2021Call for Review Articles: Last Date for submission is extended till 30/09/2021Download
1707 Sep 2021U.G. 2nd semester examination schedule, 2021Download
1807 Sep 20213rd Semester Marksheet Distribution NoticeDownload
1902 Sep 2021Marksheet Distribution NoticeDownload
2002 Sep 20215th Phase Admission Notice Dated 01.09.2021.Download
2102 Sep 2021Revised Intake Seat Capacity of 2021-22Download
2201 Sep 2021Admission Notice of DODL 2021-22Download
2329 Aug 2021A ONE DAY STATE LEVEL WEBINAR ON Dukkha : A Permanent Partner of Sentient Being in Buddhism Organized by Department of Philosophy and IQACDownload
2427 Aug 2021Celebration of National Sports Day(29th August,2021) organized by Department of Physical EducationDownload
2526 Aug 2021Revised U.G. 4TH SEMESTER PROGRAMME,2021Download
2626 Aug 2021Admission notice for M.A (DODL) under Kalyani University.Download
2721 Aug 2021Admission NoticeDownload
2821 Aug 2021Online Admission ScheduleDownload
3020 Aug 20214th Sem form fill-up list 2021Download
3118 Aug 2021Notice for 4th Sem fees collectionDownload
3218 Aug 2021Online Special Lecture titled "What's Wrong With Afghanistan?" to be organized by the Department of Political Science.Download
3316 Aug 2021REVISED U.G.6TH SEMESTER PROGRAMME 2021Download
3416 Aug 2021Part 1 Marksheet Distribution NoticeDownload
3516 Aug 20215th Sem Marksheet Distribution NoticeDownload
3609 Aug 2021List of Mail-ids for answer paper submission of B.A./B.Sc./B. Com 6th Semester Examination-2021Download
3709 Aug 2021List of Mail-ids for answer paper submission of B.A./B.Sc./B. Com PART-III examination-2021Download
3809 Aug 2021Physics (Honours) part III practical examination 2021Download
3909 Aug 2021Physics (General) part III practical examination 2021Download
4008 Aug 2021Part III Admit Card Correction NoticeDownload
4108 Aug 20216th semester exam form fill up re-open CircularDownload
4204 Aug 2021Part III Admit Card Distribution NoticeDownload
4331 Jul 20216th Semester Internal and Practical Assessment( Physical Education)- 2021Download
4430 Jul 2021Subject CombinationDownload
4525 Jul 2021Admit Card for 6th Semester Examination, 2021Download
4625 Jul 2021DODL History Question Paper- 25-07-2021Download
4725 Jul 2021DODL Education Question Paper- 25-07-2021Download
4825 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper Bhasa Bigyan- 25-07-2021Download
4925 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper Natya Sahitya- 25-07-2021Download
5025 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper Rabindra Sahitya- 25-07-2021Download
5124 Jul 20211st Semester Admission ScheduleDownload
5224 Jul 2021DODL History Question Paper- 24-07-2021Download
5324 Jul 2021DODL Education Question Paper- 24-07-2021Download
5424 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper Bhasa Bigyan- 24-07-2021Download
5524 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper Natya Sahitya- 24-07-2021Download
5624 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper Rabindra Sahitya- 24-07-2021Download
5722 Jul 2021Subject Code & Combinations for Part-III (Honours & General) Courses (Old -Pattern)Download
5820 Jul 2021Examination fees for Part- 3 Examination (Old Pattern) 6th Semester Examination,2021Download
5918 Jul 2021DODL Education Question Paper - 18-07-2021Download
6018 Jul 2021DODL English Question Paper - 18-07-2021Download
6118 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question Paper - 18-07-2021Download
6218 Jul 2021DODL History Question Paper - 18-07-2021Download
6317 Jul 2021History 6th semester programme internal assessment 2021Download
6417 Jul 2021DODL History Question PaperDownload
6517 Jul 2021DODL English Question PaperDownload
6617 Jul 2021DODL Education Question PaperDownload
6717 Jul 2021DODL Bengali Question PaperDownload
6815 Jul 2021U.G.6TH SEMESTER PROGRAMME,2021Download
6915 Jul 2021U.G. Part-III Examination Pragramme 2021Download
7014 Jul 2021DODL M.A SEM-3 admit for SEM 3 examDownload
7110 Jul 2021Physics Programme Practical question paperDownload
7208 Jul 2021Physics GE Practical question paperDownload
7308 Jul 20211st Semester Physical Education Practical ExaminationDownload
7406 Jul 2021Examination fees for Residual casual candidates of 1st Semester Examination,2020Download
7501 Jul 2021All the students (Honours and Programme) of 1st, 4th, and 6th Semester of Srikrishna College are requested to fill out the form by given following link as soon as possible. It is Mandatory for all the students. Last date of submission is 8th July, 2021.The Link isDownload
7601 Jul 20211st Sem Practical Exam NoticeDownload
7701 Jul 20211st Semester Programme Physics Practical (paper : CC1) examination 2020 to be held on 10/07/2021Download
7801 Jul 2021Chemistry Wall Magazine NoticeDownload
7901 Jul 20211st Semester Practical Examination, Dept. of Physical Education will be held on 08/07/2021Download
8028 Jun 2021Notice for Aikyashree ScholarshipDownload
8125 Jun 2021Call for Review Articles for an Edited Book "Advances in Modern and Applied Sciences". Last date for submission 15th August 2021.Download
8221 Jun 2021Physics Departmental Wall E-Magazine "SRISTI-2021" is published. To read the E-Magazine visit Publication tab in Physics Departmental page of the college website.Download
8321 Jun 2021Online Inter-College Cultural Competition "PRABAHA" on 10th-11th July 2021, organized by Cultural Committee in association with IQAC. Last date of participation 30th June 2021. Click this link for details.Download
8421 Jun 2021Notice for Aikyashree ScholarshipDownload
8517 Jun 2021One Day State Level Webinar on Covid 19 and Black Fungus organize by NSS on 23-06-21Download
8615 Jun 2021Information regarding the Answer Paper submission of the 1st Semester B.A/B.Sc./B.Com Examination 2020Download
8713 Jun 2021An International Workshop on "Yoga and Improvement of Immunity Power" is going to be organised by Department of Physical Education on 21st to 23rd June 2021. Link of Brochure and Programme Schedule.Download
8810 Jun 2021Revised Final Registration 2020-2021 Student ListDownload
8910 Jun 20211st Semester Examination NoticeDownload
9008 Jun 2021স্কলারশিপ সংক্রান্ত বিজ্ঞপ্তিঃDownload
9102 Jun 2021COVID 19 Messeges from Principal.Download
9331 May 2021A webinar on 'Specialized topics in Physics', organized by Department of Physics (with IQAC), is to be held on 5th June 2021.Download
9431 May 2021Call for Papers for an Edited Book titled “Impact of Partition in India: Socio-Political, Economic and Cultural Aspects”. Last Date for Paper Submission- 31st July, 2021.Download
9519 May 2021U.G.1st Semester Examination, 2020 is being posponed by University due to severe pandemic situation until further order issued.Download
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