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General/Tender Notice
Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Feb 2024Inviting Rate QuotationsDownload
223 Dec 2023Inviting quotation for SSDDownload
303 Aug 2023Inviting Rate Quotation Notice for Student ExcursionDownload
406 Jun 2023Tender for Inverter with Battery and TrolleyDownload
515 May 2023Notice Inviting Quotation for DesktopDownload
601 Mar 2023E-Tender notice LCR meterDownload
701 Mar 2023E-Tender Notice ElectrometerDownload
814 Dec 2022Inviting Rate Quotations for construction of roadDownload
913 Dec 2022Quotation for PrinterDownload
1012 Dec 2022Quotation for Interactive BoardDownload
1112 Dec 2022Notice for inviting Rate Quotations for supplying Paints & LabourersDownload
1223 Nov 2022Notice Inviting Rate QuotationsDownload
1311 Nov 2022Notice Inviting Rate Quotations for Electric WireDownload
1405 Nov 2022Notice inviting rate quotations for supplying paintsDownload
1505 Nov 2022Notice inviting rate quotationsDownload
1617 Oct 2022Notice Inviting Quotation for Hydraulic PressDownload
1717 Oct 2022Notice Inviting Quotation for Digital BalanceDownload
1817 Oct 2022Notice Inviting Quotation for Laboratory ChemicalsDownload
1917 Oct 2022Notice Inviting Quotation for Chamber FurnaceDownload
2027 Sep 2022Tender notice for digital teacher English language lab softwareDownload
2115 Sep 2022Notice Inviting QuotationDownload
2208 Sep 2022Notice inviting Rate QuotationsDownload
2302 Sep 2022Notice inviting quotationDownload
2406 Aug 2022Tender for Travel AgencyDownload
2506 Jul 2022Tender for Almirah & SelfDownload
2603 Jul 2022Tender for BookDownload
2703 Jul 2022Tender for Civil work for Construction of New Class Room at existing building top floor Main building vertical extension of Srikrishna CollegeDownload
2820 Jun 2022Inviting Wages Rate QuotationsDownload
2906 Jun 2022Corrigendum Notice 2Download
3006 Jun 2022Corrigendum Notice 1Download
3220 May 2022TENDER FOR LIBRARYDownload
3320 May 2022TENDER FOR CIVIL WORKDownload
3420 May 2022TENDER FOR COMPUTERDownload
3520 May 2022TENDER FOR BOOKSDownload
3620 May 2022Etender NoticeDownload
3720 Dec 2021Tender notice for canteenDownload
3824 Nov 2021Tender for Computer HardwareDownload
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